1. A Plethora of scales

Plethora is designed with the mindset of how her scale would perform as spectators approaching from different distances: massing scale, human scale and micro scale.

The patented large scale 3D Printing technology enables the opporutinity to explore design at micro scale - which has been absent and not possible to make in contemproary art and architecture.

2. Parametric Ornamentalism

Plethora is a manifesto of the new ornametalism in age of mass customization.

Adolf Loos once argued “ Greatness of our age (post-industrial), that it is incapable of producing a new ornament.” - was no longer valid. Ornaments are no longer related to bourgeoisie or power. Cutting-edge digital tools and new method of fabrication offer designer and society new possibilities of design.

3. Spatial Illustration - 3Dimensional drawing

An illustration is a synthetic form that does not have its direct implementations into Three-Dimensional Space other than fresco. With the emerging technologies, an illustration may find its new role in architecture. Seeking the relationship between synthetic forms and parametricism, Plethora is consisted by over 2000 figures, which each has been translated algorithmically from their synthetic form into three-dimensional objects. This makes each cell different from others, and removes constraints in physical world .

4. Fluid Space - Integration of function and form

Seams and edges are products of compromization from human’s incapability of fabricating ideal form. With recent advancement in 3D printing, functional objects are able to reach their materialistically ideal state - seamless integration to their conceptual form. Plethora is a manifestation of showing how different part of elements can be integrated into seamless liquid form.

5. Concept Fabrication

Recent development in digital fabrication bridges the gap between a conceptual design and the final physical product. With 3D printing technology, making a complex object like Plethora is no more difficult than making a flat box. This is the new opportunity this age offers, designers should be creating more interesting design without worrying how it can be made. Plethora is the first entirely 3D printed large scale object with a permanent material (metal). Using LuxMea’s patent pending technology, the Concept MaterializerTM breaks the 3D printing boundary in scale, capable of fabricating different permanent materials, such as metal, ceramic, and glass in large scale for the first time.

I. Introduction

  • A plethora of scales
  • Parametric Ornamentalism
  • Spatial Illustration - 3Dimensional drawing
  • Fluid Space - Integration of function and form
  • Concept Fabrication

PLETHORA is the first entirely 3D printed large scale public art/sculpture signifies the peak of form and ornaments. The Age of Mass Customization™ evolves from the development of digital fabrication tools, which breaks the traditional barriers between design and manufacture. Objects can be created with infinite details without added cost to manufacturing.

With PLETHORA, LuxMea Studio is manifesting the following five points to embrace the potentials this age offers.

II. Sir Peter Cook on Plethora

A wonderful world is summoned-up by the PLETHORA surfaces and folds: but now, instead of such things existing as 'devices' or 'dreams', they can be entered into.

The virtual reality manifestation is both a first step and a last step in the realisation that THIS architecture has no limits and our notions of metal or the boundaries of the possible have to be totally re-thought.

Add to this a certain quality of 'eye'...and we are looking at a formidable (and at the same time delightful) world.


Peter Cook


III. Age of Mass Customization™

IV. Gallery & Exhibition

January, 2018 - June, 2018 CEEC Shenzhen, China
China International Consumer Electronics Exhibition and Exchange Center

More stops to be announced soon...

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  • I. Introduction
  • II. Sir Peter Cook
    on Plethora
  • III. Age of
    Mass Customization™
  • IV. Gallery &
    World Exhibition

Monument of
Mass Customization


By LuxMea Studio

  • I. Introduction
  • II. Sir Peter Cook
    on Plethora
  • III. Age of
    Mass Customization™
  • IV. Gallery &
    World Exhibition